I-Metrics Asia Pacific

I-Metrics Asia Pacific

Joining the Liveability Summit Panel, Dr. Nick Fontanilla, President & CEO of I-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation shares his take on Sustainable Cities Summit last October 17 held at Sofitel Hotel Philippines.

He shares some approaches on building sustainable cities, and how the Philippines fares around this globally trending topic.

He talks about 4 key points:

1. Role of Cities in Development and Sustainability

2. Building Cities of the Future: Some Approaches

3. Superstar Cities

4. Leading the Change

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 I-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation, one of the leading measurement, tracking and market research companies in the Philippines today has further cemented its mark in the statistical software and predictive analytics industry by going regional in Asia Pacific.

The distribution of analytics software PS Imago and PS Clementine in the regional space is now official, with the resellership of Bon Auxilium - – spanning Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Across the region, I-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation, together with Bon Auxilium aims to provide predictive solutions mainly in the education sector, hospitality, retail and service industries.

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Photo from left to right: Johnny Amora,  I-Metrics Asia Board of Director; Mei Brantzeg,  I-Metrics Asia General Manager; Alex Joo Partner of Bon Auxilium PTE LTD; Dr. Nick Fontanilla I-Metrics Asia President; Yayu Javier  I-Metrics Asia Board of Director 

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Economy Still in High Growth  Mode Even as it Posts its Lowest April Index  

  • PMI Composite in April 2016 slowed down a bit by 0.81 index point from March consistent with the declines for the same period in previous  years.  
  • The PMI Composite index, at 55.27, was the lowest April index ever recorded since PMI Composite started in October 2010. PMI Services did not pick up as fast as it did in prior tracking periods and could not  pull up the composite average for April 2016. The successive lowest  monthly indices for 2016 were also reflected the annual business cycle since 2010.
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