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As part of our advocacy, I-Metrics Asia Pacific Corporation is compiling a list of statements/bills as mentioned or as filed by the Philippine presidential candidates on certain issues to help voters decide who they will vote in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Releasing of issues will be done on a daily basis. Feel free to share/comment to help our fellow voters decide!

With Manufacturing in Contraction, Economy in December Drops to its Lowest in 2015

  • PMI Composite in December 2015 slid 2.65 index points completing a month-on-month fourth quarter slowdown from a September high and a year char-acterized by changing patterns in business activities - first, the monthly indices were lower than the five-year business cycle, February and September ex-cluded; second, the economy peaked in September or two months earlier than the average; and third, it dropped to its lowest in December as it did in 2014.
  • Experts agree that the severe lead time and delivery conditions prompted industries to make adjust-ments in the last quarter.
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