The Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM), Foundation of the Society of Fellows in Supply Management (SOFSM) and I-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation cordially invites your company to join a panel of experts for the monthly Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) survey. You will be among 500 executives randomly selected from the top 15,000 corporations in the Philippines. You may nominate your supply chain/purchasing manager to participate in this survey by sending us your contact details.

The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) - Philippines is an indicator of economic activity reflecting purchasing managers' acquisition of goods and services. It is extremely useful for immediate trend-spotting and faster decision-making. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is one of the supporters of the study and uses the index to make policy decisions.

There are 38 countries conducting PMI, including the Philippines. The monthly survey is conducted during the last seven working days of each month, and the first three days of the succeeding month. As a member of the panel of experts, you will be interviewed by telephone or through an online survey on a day and time most convenient for you. The interview, by phone or internet, may be completed in 3 to 5 minutes.

The survey is divided into eight main topics and is answerable by UP, SAME, or DOWN. These topics are:
1) Production
2) New Orders
3) Inventory
4) Employment
5) Lead-time
6) Monthly add-on questions

It does not require you to disclose actual data. For example, for production, you will be asked to indicate if Production this month versus last month was UP, SAME, or DOWN.

Participation in the survey entitles you to a free PMI report for the month when you participate. Here are the samples of our reports:

1. PISM Report on Business - PMI Manufacturing

2. PISM Report on Business - Retail/Wholesale

3. PISM Report on Business - Services

This report is used by supply chain professionals as a management reference, for decision-making, and for planning. For free, you may also join our monthly economic briefing, the Philippine Business Outlook.

Rest assured, your company's identity and data are confidential, and your responses will be consolidated with other responses as statistical totals. You have the option to choose which month, and which day and time in each month your company will participate as a panelist.

We hope that you will find the monthly economic reports useful and will find time to participate in the monthly survey whether through telephone or web form.

Should you like to be part of our executive panel, kindly give the following information:


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